Theft is a criminal act in which an assailant unlawfully takes possession of or controls a victim’s property in order to deprive that victim of their property. If theft occurs in a retail shop or setting, and involves the unlawful possession, transfer, or storage of sale goods or items, the crime is called retail theft or “shoplifting.”

Shoplifting may also include acts involving the alteration or removal of accurate labels or price tags in order to unlawfully take possession of those items while depriving the merchant of their full retail value.

Relatedly, receiving stolen property is a form of theft in which a person unlawfully receives, holds, or disposes of property knowing or having good reason to believe the property has been stolen from another.

Punishments for Theft in Philadelphia

The most common punishments and penalties for the crime of theft in Philadelphia include imprisonment, probation, fines, and other consequences resulting from a misdemeanor or felony conviction. The extent and severity of the punishment will be determined by such factors as any harm done to any victims, whether force was used and the amount of force used, and the presence and use of a weapon/firearm.

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