More than 300 New Jersey Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse

A law firm representing an alleged New Jersey victim of sexual abuse has released its own report naming more than 300 priests, nuns, and clergy accused of sexual abuse in the state’s dioceses. The list includes many names that did not appear in the Catholic Church’s official list released in February.

Law Firm Provides More Comprehensive List of Alleged Perpetrators Than Church

The Minnesota-based firm leading the lawsuit on behalf of plaintiff Edward Hanratty has insisted in its filing that New Jersey’s five Catholic Dioceses created a “public hazard” by not naming all clergy members accused of sexually abusing children.

Here’s the New Jersey report and a supplemental document with additional names.

The firm states that it collected its 311 alleged perpetrators from various sources, including public accounts of abuse, news reports, legal settlements, and lawsuits. The firm sought a more comprehensive list of alleged abusers than had been previously provided by the Catholic Church, which only included 188 names of “credibly accused” priests, nuns, and other clergy.

New Jersey Clergy Abuse Investigation Leaves Out Abusers

In addition to the law firm in this issue, victims rights groups focused on the New Jersey clergy abuse investigation have complained that the state has focused too narrowly on clergy working in the churches. As a result, the state has left off clergy working in Catholic schools and other institutions run by religious orders not under authority of New Jersey bishops.

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