New State AGs to Continue Clergy Abuse Investigation

The recent changeover in state attorney generals will not interrupt ongoing investigations into clergy abuse in Roman Catholic dioceses around the country. Offices in New York, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Florida, and Delaware which will be lead by new AGs have also reported some of the highest levels priest abuse. And at least 14 attorney generals around the country have confirmed that they are conducting investigations into clergy abuse in their states in the wake of Pennsylvania’s shocking grand jury report, which made international headlines this summer.

Pennsylvania Clergy Abuse Scandal Triggered Investigations Across the Country

What started in the Roman Catholic churches of Pennsylvania just a few months ago has had a ripple effect throughout the United States, as thousands of victims have reached out to state hotlines and online systems to report instances of past abuse. The grand jury report in Pennsylvania identified more than 300 “predator priests” who were involved in acts of abuse. It also named more than a thousand victim and suggested that many thousands more may come forward. Certainly many thousands have come forward around the nation.

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