New Jersey Jesuits Release List of Alleged Sexual Abuse Offenders

Fallout continues unabated from this summer’s priest sexual abuse scandal. What began as a comprehensive grand jury report on several Catholic diocese across Pennsylvania has had repercussions in many other states across the country. The story has also captured the attention — and outrage — of the world. The original report revealed more than a thousand instances of sexual abuse over the past few decades within the Catholic churches of Pennsylvania. It also indicated that thousands more instances may come to light.

Priest Sexual Abuse Scandal Hits Jesuit New Jersey

While Pennsylvania is still reeling from the findings, Catholic dioceses in other states, including most recently New Jersey, have been conducting their own internal investigations. The latest story involves a list of ten priests who spent their careers in Jesuit schools of New Jersey who have been “credibly” accused of sexual abuse. The list was compiled and released by the USA Northeast Province Jesuits, an organization that represents the Roman Catholic order of priests in north Jersey and several other states.

According to the organization, the majority of the priests on the list served in New Jersey at St. Peter’s Prep, Saint Peter’s University, or St. Peter’s Parish in Jersey City. While those accused of sexual abuse and improprieties may not be liable for civil actions, since the claims were in some cases made decades after the alleged instances of abuse — the claims date back as far as 1950. No priests currently under investigation, however, were included on the list, and no details as far as the allegations are concerned were divulged.

Legal Action for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse

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Victims of clergy sexual abuse may be able to take legal against perpetrators. Legislation is under consideration in Pennsylvania and other states which would extend the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse claims, allowing victims who were violated even decades ago to bring suit against their perpetrators.

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