Justice Depart Gets Involved in Pennsylvania Clergy Abuse

The federal government has announced that it will be launched an investigation into the Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania involved in this summer’s shocking grand jury report into widespread abuse by clergyman over the past several decades.

Grand Jury Report on Pennsylvania Priest Abuse

The report, which made news headlines all over the nation and internationally, identified more than one thousand victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania over the past few decades, and suggested that thousands more may yet come forward. The report also identified more than 300 so-called predator priests, who are were repeat offenders of sexual abuse against parishioners and others affiliated with their churches.

Justice Department Issues Subpoenas to Seven Pennsylvania Dioceses Over Sexual Abuse

The federal inquiry is said to be the first of its kind in so far as it is a statewide investigation into church sexual abuse and misconduct. There are eight dioceses in Pennsylvania, and seven of them have already been served with subpoenas by Justice Department requesting documents and information pertaining to clergy sexual abuse over the past 70 years.

Pennsylvania Considers Extending Statute of Limitations on Bringing Cases of Clergy Sexual Abuse

A new bill which would extend the statute of limitations for sexual abuse has passed through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives but still awaits voting in the Senate. The bill would extend a two-year window during which any victim of sexual abuse may bring a case in state court extending back indefinitely. The bill is intended to address those victims who have only recently recovered memories of abuse or who have thus far kept silent about their abuse. In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania grand report on sexual abuse, a hotline set up to receive inquiries and reports of abuse has evidently been ringing off the hook.

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