Diabetes Drug Invokana Linked to Flesh-Eating Genital Infections

In some rather unsettling news, the FDA has warned doctors and patients that some of the most popular diabetes drugs prescribed today may cause a flesh-eating bacterial genital infection. The FDA has said that as it continues its investigation, more cases will likely be uncovered.

Invokana and Other Diabetes Drugs Under Scrutiny by FDA

Prescription drugs to manage diabetes have become increasingly prevalent with the rise of diabetes itself among the general US population. Some of the most popular medicines subject to the FDA warning include:

  • Johnson & Johnson's Invokana
  • AstraZeneca Pic's Farxiga
  • Eli Lilly & Co.'s Jardiance

This class of drugs are known within the industry as SGLT2 inhibitors, and they help the body regulate blood-sugar levels by encouraging the kidneys to excrete excess sugar in the urine. Common side effects include urinary tract infections.

Uncommon side effects now include the flesh-eating infection named above. According to the FDA's warning, conditions related to Fournier's gangrene worsen quickly, so any adverse health consequences that may seem linked to Invokana or other SGLT2 inhibitors intended to help with diabetes should be brought to the attention of a healthcare provider immediately.

FDA Warnings and Lawsuits over Invokana

This is not the first time that Invokana in particular has been under fire. In May 2016 and again in May 2017, the FDA issued warnings which addressed the increased risk of amputation due to Invokana use. Patients who have suffered the adverse effects of the drug and lost part or all of a limb have, with the help of their lawyers, seized on these warnings to bring lawsuits against the manufacturers of Invokana and Invokamet, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. According to the lawsuits, Janssen knew or should have known about the risks of amputation, but they not only did they fail to warn patients, they continued to market the drug aggressively. Janssen also, allegedly, misled doctors and patients over the risks associated with their drug. Finally, Janssen allegedly failed to conduct any long-term scientific studies to evaluate kidney damage, ketoacidosis, and increased amputation risk. Instead, they surged ahead selling the drug to millions of patients.

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