Philadelphia DA Withdraws Prosecution Against Firm Client "Philly Jesus"

Today, Attorney Charles Gibbs, Esq. was notified by the District Attorney of Philadelphia's Office of its intention to withdraw prosecution against his client, Michael Grant a/k/a "Philly Jesus." Mr. Gibbs is pleased to announce that his client is ecstatic that he no longer has to worry himself with the scurrilous charges posited against him and that he can once again devote himself to his life's work: proclaiming the gospel.

“The DA's decision reaffirms our contention all along: Philly Jesus' arrest for pre-textual charges was without legal merit. The overwhelming support that Philly Jesus has received locally, nationally, and internationally is due in large part to the captivating story that Philly Jesus represents: a young man who has overcome his own personal demons and now is devoted to talking to anyone and everyone about Jesus posited against a government actor who decided to enforce his well instead of the law.”  

Attorney Gibbs also states that he “salutes the DA's office for not wasting its resources and taxpayers’ money on prosecuting ‘Philly Jesus’  a person who simply stands in public squares declaring a message of peace, hope, and love; and instead focus their attention on the much more pressing issues facing our city.”

Accordingly, Mr. Gibbs and The Green Firm, LLC are now vigorously investigating the circumstances surrounding the false arrest and malicious prosecution of the beloved Philadelphia figure that Michael Grant represents.  

For any questions regarding this matter, please contact Mr. Gibbs directly by calling 215 462 3330 or via email by clicking here.

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