Green Firm Investigates SEPTA Bus Blind Spot Accidents

SEPTA Bus Blind Spot Flaw May Be Linked to Pedestrian Deaths

According to an alarming recent report by Action News, SEPTA buses contain a “deadly flaw” that has been linked to several pedestrian deaths. The flaw involves a dangerous, five-foot large blind spot on the left-side mirror of SEPTA buses which causes SEPTA bus drivers to be unable to see pedestrians for around 2 full seconds.

According to SEPTA, this blind spot and the lack of visibility it forces on SEPTA bus drivers is within acceptable limits. However, under pressure from the bus drivers’ union and the Action News report, SEPTA has said it will fix the flaw and help train drivers to negotiate blind spots.

Green Firm Launches Investigation into Deadly SEPTA Bus Flaw

In the meantime, several pedestrians have reportedly been killed and scores more injured as a result of the SEPTA bus blind spot flaw. And until the problem is fixed by SEPTA, more innocent pedestrians will be struck and injured. Accordingly, the Green Firm LLC has opened its own investigation on behalf of the victims of the SEPTA bus blind spot in order to help them recover for any damages they might have suffered due to SEPTA’s alleged negligence.

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