Violent crimes and crimes due to culpable negligence such as murder, molestation, sexual assault, battery, bullying, and drunk driving accidents inflict immeasurable personal and emotional trauma on victims and their families. Life for crime victims will never be the same. The path to recovery of health and well-being may be a long and difficult one. Recovering reparations for damages suffered as a result of a crime, however, can go some way toward easing pain and loss when the unthinkable happens.

Crime and Personal Injury Paths to Recovery

In addition to punishment under criminal statutes, the law provides an additional layer of protection and recourse to victims, who may prosecute criminals in civil court in order to recover for personal injuries. While many victims may be aware of this option, they may not know that culpability often extends beyond the perpetrators themselves to the owners of the premises and facilities where violent episodes occur. For example, under resort torts, if you or a loved one fall victim to a violent attack in a resort, amusement park, theater, night club, cruise ship, or other entertainment venue in which reasonable security must be provided for patrons, those properties may be financially responsible for any damages you have suffered due to negligent security.

Overcoming the emotional trauma of a violent crime may be the most challenging part of the  healing process, but unfortunately it is only the beginning. Most crime victims will also face hospitalization and years of medical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation. These costs, along with losses of employment income and erosion of wealth, can amount to truly staggering damages, which no innocent crime victim should have to bear.

Getting the help of a personal injury crime victim attorney in order to recover monetary damages can never make you forget how helpless you felt during an attack or violation. But many victims find some solace and empowerment in making criminals or culpable entities pay for their crimes with more than just jail time.

Crime Victim Attorneys

Our crime victim lawyers are here to help in every way we can. We understand how difficult moving forward after a violent crime can be, and we will use our expertise to advocate for your case and seek maximum recovery for your damages.

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