Burglary is a crime involving the unlawful breaking and entering into a premises for purpose of committing another crime, most often theft. The use of force is not necessary for a burglary charge; any form of unauthorized entry in order to commit a crime may be considered burglary and punished accordingly.

Burglary charges tend be more serious - and more severely punished - when a weapon and especially a firearm is involved, or when the structure burglarized is occupied at the time of the burglary or is a private residence.

Punishments for Burglary in Philadelphia

The most common punishments and penalties for the crime of burglary in Philadelphia include imprisonment, probation, fines, and other consequences resulting from a felony conviction. The extent and severity of the punishment will be determined by such factors as the defendant’s intended crime, the type of structure violated (occupied private residence vs. abandoned building, etc.), previous criminal record, and probationary status.

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